Meet the Best Barbers in Columbus - Santarelli's Barbershop



360 West 3rd Avenue, Columbus, OH 43201 | (614) 369-1984 | Directions

Shawn Mensi, Owner

Cutting for 15 Years

Shawn didn’t want to bartend for his whole life, so he pivoted from holding glasses to holding scissors. His favorite beverage is currently the “mixed bag’ at Medallion Country Club. Time outside of the shop is spent hanging out with running around after his 4 kids and two dogs.

About Santarelli's: “we want to make you laugh, tell good stories, and keep you coming back for more… the heckling is just a bonus.” He loves making people look like a million bucks when walking out of his shop."

Fun Fact: Shawn’s favorite pastime is harassing his sister—and his party trick, like another Santarelli’s crew member, is to pop his shoulder out of socket at-will.

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Alex Foster

Cutting for 2 Years

Alex was inspired to become a barber because he started cutting his own hair. He cuts hair during the day, but after work he likes to be at home, a self-proclaimed homebody.

About Santarelli's: “If you’ve never been to Santarellis, I’d say it’s one of few shops where you get a beer and a great haircut.”

Fun Fact: Alex’s party trick is that he’s double jointed in both his shoulders.

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Devon Garett

Cutting for 2 Years

Devon was driven to become a barber because he knew he wanted a career that would allow for him to be creative and help others at the same time. Not many people know, but Devon is good cook. He’ll tell you that, but you’ll know it’s true after trying his creations! He loves a good drink of a neat Jack Daniels (which he admits he drank too many of before he was supposed to be drinking at all!).

Devon says, “If you’ve never been to Santarelli’s, you can get the best haircut for the best price in the entire city of Columbus.”

Fun Fact: Devon will tell you his worst purchase was his Cadillac (‘R.I.P.’)

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2836 N High Street, Columbus, OH 43202 | (614) 262-0682 | Directions

James Breen, Manager

Cutting for 8 years

James takes a lot of pride in being a barber. He says his craft is all about bettering people’s image and making people feel good about the way they look. In his spare time, James is an avid basketball player, currently on a Columbus league. He enjoys spending time with his family but is quick to say that, when relaxing, it’s often with an ice-cold Dos Equis.

About Santarelli's: “Working here has given me many opportunities. It’s a great work place environment with quality barbers and quality haircuts.”

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Elio Santarelli, Founder

Cutting for 34 Years

Elio Santarelli is an institution in the Columbus barber community. Santarelli’s, originally under a different name, became Elio’s shop when he purchased it from Charlie Man in 1984. At his namesake shop, he’s been cutting hair for more than 3 decades.

Elio describes himself as ‘old, grumpy, and retired’ but has a serious love for the craft. He says, “in all my time as a barber, I don’t feel like I worked a single day in 34 years.” He’s been in Columbus since 1969 and cutting hard since, as he says, “the year on the logo.”

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Ray Bailey

A.K.A 'Cool Ray' | Cutting for 10 Years

Ray has always have been fascinated with different hairstyles and cuts from all over the world. When he’s not at the shop, he’s working in the Beat Lab, enjoying Buckeye’s football, or BMXing with his daughter. Ray enjoys the occasional Jack & Coke, but also can get down with a well-crafted Long Island Iced Tea.

About Santarelli's: “I love the variety of cuts and styles. To someone that’s never been, I would tell them that if they appreciate a great haircut at a traditional shop, cut by barbers who are passionate about their craft, then Santarelli’s is the place for you. No gimmicks or photoshop, just cuts that look good without filters.”

Fun Facts: He declares that he has a useless talent of alligator wrestling. Weird childhood memory: When he was three years old, Ray ate a whole package of Exlax thinking it was a Hersey bar (note, they used to look identical). This resulted in a full potty, along with the discovery that it was DEFINITELY NOT a Hersey bar.

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Sean Kroger

Cutting for 1 Years

Sean started as a barber as a hobby. He never expected it to turn into a career, but when he discovered he had an inclination for cutting, he pivoted to become a full-time barber. His favorite place to drink is anywhere with a good Guinness or an excellent Gin & Tonic.

About Santarelli's: Sean says very matter of fact, “It’s laid back.”

Fun Fact: He has a very analytical ability to solve a Rubix Cube.

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